Lynn Halldorson

Moving from the Midwest to Oregon in 2010, Lynn immediately fell in love with the Pacific Northwest.

Here she worked in the coffee sector as a barista, baker, and manager, honing her skills in both the beverage and business worlds.

Tea having always been her passion, Lynn saw the need and desire for a teahouse in the beautiful town of Cannon Beach and set about creating that. 

Kettle/Black is a business born out passion, a love for the beverage, the culture, the tradition, and the community tea provides.  

When she's not at work, Lynn can be found near the ocean, longboarding, discovering a new restaurant or brewery, or on long scenic drives down the 101.     


we wholeheartedly believe that people are what matters in life. We think going the extra mile is great, but that sprinting the extra five is even better. 
We promise to care every step of the way - from buying direct whenever possible, to acknowledging the importance of caring for the hands that pick the tea, to the attention and detail with which we prepare and package the finished product. 
And soon you'll be able to find us in a retail space, located in our favorite ocean-side town of beautiful Cannon Beach, Oregon!